1 for $20
2 for $55
4 for $100

Double-Dip – $12 – Next day tan to extend life of tan.

Party Package
4 for $100 & host is FREE
*Entire party must be tanned at same appointment

Before Tan
- Exfoliate / Shave
- Wear Loose Clothing
- NO Lotion, Sunscreen, Makeup or Deodorant
- Bring a Towel to Cover Leather or Light Colored Seats

After Tan
- You Will Tacky Until You Shower
- Wait 4-6 Hours Before Showering
- Avoid Excess Sweating
- When Needed Wash Only the Insides of Your Hands While Spray Tan is Developing
- Color Washes Off During the First Shower Which is Normal. This is the Only Color Guide (Bronzer)
- Your Tan Will Continue to Develop For 12-24 hours

Long Life Of Tan
- Pat Dry After Showering
- DO NOT Exfoliate
- Limit Shaving
- No Waxing
- Moisturizing Helps Extend the Life of Your Tan. The More You Do, the Longer it will Last.

* Our tanning solution is all natural and is airbrushed onto the skin, stimulating your melanin – clean open pores will give you the best results.

* Spray tans are applied by hand. The solution color will vary person to person. It will make your skin glow while helping it remain healthy, wrinkle and cancer free!

* We guarantee your tan will turn out perfect and NO ORANGE. It is organic and has a nice citrus smell.